7 & 10 Inch Sleeves - Items tagged as "Sleevecity"

  • 7 Inch Inner & Outer Sleeves

45 rpm singles need protecting in inner sleeves because those cool 45 picture sleeves can leave many little scratches on the vinyl over time, causing pops and skips. Choose from our Diskeeper high-density poly sleeves, paper sleeves with die-cut hole, or poly-lined paper sleeves to extend the life of your collection

  Did you know that often the value of a 45 rpm single is determined by the condition of the picture sleeve? It just makes sense to keep your 7 inch picture sleeves in the best possible condition using our Ultimate Outer polypro sleeves for the 7 inch format. Don't let wear and tear, scratches and dust devalue your collection. Stock up on 45 outers today!
  • 10 Inch Sleeves

We offer 10 inch sleeves for both 78 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm. Our heavy duty, quality craft paper sleeves are designed with 78 rpm records in mind, and our 2.0 inner and 2.5 outers are identical to the 12inch variety.

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