Ritek Pro White 52x CD-R Thermal Printable (100 Pack)



  • Ritek Pro (Professional Archival Grade). Type: CD-R. Speed: 52X. Capacity: 700MB. Recording Time: 80 min Audio. 
  • Ritek Pro Thermal Printable disc is unique for full-surface edge to edge printing. The printable surface offers clear text and high-resolution photo-quality images. The printing options strives to accommodate both a professional's artistic vision and convenience white maintaining the integrity of the disc's data.
  • Compatible with most thermal printers in the professional market such as Rimage Everest and Prism. Extreme Low Block Error Rate (BLER). This disc is designed for professional market by using highest quality manufacturing. It allows you to burn whole disc completely without any flaw.
  • Quantity: 100 Pack
  • Not eligible for coupons or discounts

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