7in. Resealable 3 mil Outer Sleeves (50 Pack)


SKU: 9444

NEW ITEM! The 7" version of our 3 mil Resealable Outer LP Sleeves uses the same non-clouding, non-splitting polypro material as our renowned LP outer sleeves. Protect your valuable vinyl against cigarette smoke, water, animal dander, and other household pollutants with our 3.0 mil Diskeeper resealable outer sleeves made from the same high-strength, ultra-clear polypropylene as the rest of our Diskeeper outer sleeve line. Unlike Mylar sleeves, these are not brittle and will not split, hold permanent creases, or break if dropped, but they don't scratch or cloud like LDPE sleeves either. Dimensions 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" body with 2" flap.

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