Chubby 3 or 4 CD Jewel Case Unassembled (10 Pack)



This jewel case is of the same design as the ones typically used by record companies to hold boxed sets of three or four discs. Our Chubby 3-4 CD case is comprised of a chubby jewel box with two molded center hubs, along with two black CD trays front and back. For use as a triple CD chubby case, simply don't use one of the middle hubs. The case holds inserts front and back, and the space between the discs and the center tray allows for two CD booklets, one on each side. We want your jewel cases to arrive undamaged so we ship our case-quantity jewel cases double-boxed with styrofoam pads and plenty of air cells for cushioning. These jewel cases ship unassembled, with the cases and trays packaged separately.

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