Odyssey CD Storage Case for 65 Jewel Cases


$69.95 $89.99

The demands of traveling with fragile optical discs, especially in a heavy truck or plane, require extraordinary protection. Enter this almost indestructible hardbody metal CD trunk, upholstered inside with thick energy-absorbing foam padding so shocks and impacts don't affect the fragile discs inside. This case can hold up to 400 discs in single sleeves, 200 XG Viewpaks, or 65 jewel cases in its standard configuration, but its dividers can be rearranged to allow it to accept DVD cases as well. The thick chrome latches have U-shaped bars that close to ensure the case stays tightly shut even when exposed to violent shaking or long falls, and the removable top features a comfortable padded carrying handle. Sleeves not included. Measures 18" (L) x 11" (W) x 9" (H).

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