GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Brush

Sleeve City


Even if you clean your records with the GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning kit, room dust, lint and cat hair can accumulate on your stylus. Your stylus will "plow" out any debris that isn't removed from a record cleaning. And the debris will stick to your record needle.

We sourced and tested dozens of brush styles, handle types and bristles. Straight "pencil" brushes. Artist camel hair brushes. Toothbrush styles. Mascara brushes.

We preferred a 90 degree angle. Long bristles so the brush can clean the underside of the cartridge as well as the stylus. Dense bristles to pull off gunky coatings but soft to avoid damage to the stylus or cantilever. Those are the features of our new stylus brush. This brush can be used dry or with a couple of drops of SC1 Fluid.

The SC1 Stylus Brush features:

  • Ideal handle shape--4.6" long and curved to fit your hand. Easy to control while brushing the stylus and underside of the cartridge.
  • Dense but soft nylon bristles, trimmed to a dome shape.
  • Gentle on the stylus and cantilever.
  • Can be used dry or with a couple of drops of GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Fluid.
  • 4.6 inch handle has a curved shape to fit your hand. Easy to control and use.
  • GrooveWasher logos on front and back of the handle.

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